From centuries back, the Chinese conventional medicine has shown that our feet are linked to our body systems through some reflexology points on our feet. It has also culled the use of the healthy life mat for Foot Reflexology Therapy to allow for basic recovery of health and well being.foot reflexology mat by greenlife

Feet revealing reflex points

Foot reflexology, just like acupuncture however without the needles, is a typical technique of treatment for the treatment of different health conditions. This technique is based upon the fact that the foot consists of reflex points that represent every part of the body.

 The A-plus energy shoes  also give these exact same effect. The only advantage of the energy shoe over the life mat is that the A-plus energy shoe can be worn around all day and even to bed, while the use of the mat is only for a brief given period.

This treatment, likewise called acupressure, brings balance and much more health advantages, which is likewise advantageous in body metabolic process– great for those wishing to drop weight.

What is Chinese Foot Reflexology

Chinese foot reflexology originates from an approach that a vital force called ‘Qi‘ streams around the body and links each organ.

According to ancient Chinese approach, this Qi, which is made from 2 opposite force yin and yang, can be uncloged by acupoints.

 The feet, which offer this thick network of such acupoints, permit foot reflexology to unclog this vital force and this takes place through rubbing the matching reflex points on the foot.

For several years back, the Chinese foot reflexology has actually been an important part of alternative medical development and it is a great option for alternative health treatment.

How Does Chinese Foot Reflexology Work?

Typically, the foot reflexology treatment is merely rubbing the specific points of reflex on the foot.

No marvel our great-grandparents lived long with health since they stroll the majority of the times with barefoot. The sand and little stones they were stepping on should have worked as foot massage, rubbing their reflex points, thus providing various health advantages.

In today’s world, to be able to efficiently massage your reflex points, a foot reflexology treatment mat is suggested (I’ll suggest a great foot reflexology mat later on). See the image listed below to see how a Foot Reflexology Therapy Mat looks like.

foot reflexology mat

This kind of mat is so efficient as the raised edges will hook up with your reflex points, thus, providing you optimal general healthy life, just like the A-plus energy shoe.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Need a Chinese Foot Reflexology Mat

A routine foot massage can promote both mental and physical health. Additionally, listed below are the health advantages of Chinese foot reflexology.

# 1– Improves Blood Circulation

With today’s ‘unhealthy’ way of life, bad blood flow is ending up being more popular amongst the city individuals.

Starting from incorrect ‘elegant’ shoes to approximately less or no workout, your blood flow suffers and the outcome is that there will not suffice oxygen supply to the entire body.

Having enough oxygen provided to your body cells and organs is vital for keeping a healthy body. Doing this foot reflexology treatment will not just enhance your blood flow, it will likewise enhance your alertness.

# 2– Helps You Sleep Better

Are you discovering it tough to close your eyes and sleep during the night? Fret no more as having a specific reflex point rubbed will assist you sleep similar to an infant.

# 3– Controls Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure of flowing blood on the walls of capillary. Any high blood pressure learning more than 120 over 80 is called hypertension and its life threatening if left untreated.

The Chinese foot reflexology is a best technique of ensuring your high blood pressure is kept, managed and stabilized. Simply put, foot massage done at the proper reflex points can assist in normalizing hypertension.

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# 4– Avoid Cardiovascular Disease

Just as you’ve found out that foot massage assists enhance blood flow, it can also assist to prevent heart diseases such as stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Foot reflexology allows blood to distribute and transfer nutrients (such as amino acids and electrolytes), oxygen, co2, hormonal agents, and blood cells to the cells in the body to offer nutrition.

# 5– Relieves Pain

When you have a great blood flow, discomfort in some parts of the body will varnish. So, it is thought that with foot reflexology, neck, waist, back pain and headache can be treated.

By managing the nerve system, it will manage the pains nerve in the brain to get rid of the discomfort sensation.

# 7– Fights Depression

According to some research studies released in some journal, foot reflexology can handle tension.

This offers alleviation and balances psychological element of life and it is likewise practical in getting rid of anxiety signs.

# 8– Improves Digestive System

Foot reflexology can assist to promote the digestion system and offers a much better defecation.

Massaging the correct reflex points on your feet can produce an appropriate digestion hormonal agent, which can efficiently alter the food you consume into energy, thus preventing undesirable stubborn belly fat.

# 9– Aids Weight Loss

With a much better blood flow and increased metabolic process, it ends up being much easier to drop weight. Simply get your foot rubbed for about 20 minutes daily at the specific reflex points and it will assist you drop weight in no time.

#10– Treats and Prevents Many Diseases

The foot reflexology relieves numerous illness, particularly those associated to the nerves by promoting blood circulation through rubbing the best reflex points. Illness such as kidney concerns, high blood pressure, migraine, premature ejaculation, etc, can be reversed with this Chinese foot reflexology treatment.

So How Can I Do this Foot Reflexology?

Like I stated previously, this Chinese foot reflexology can be done throughout the world, right in your space utilizing a foot reflexology treatment mat.

This kind of mat is specifically created with pointed edges and utilize to massage the best reflex points under the feet so regarding provide an optimal outcome.


One of the very best Chinese foot reflexology mats is the [su_highlight background=”#c85220″ color=”#ffffff”]Healthy Life Mat[/su_highlight].

reflexology walk stone-foot

Why Healthy Life Mat?

The various areas on feet remain in connection with various organs in your body. Healthy Life Mat matches specifically on the areas of reflexes on the bottom of feet.

Because our feet are linked to every part of our body, by rubbing these points, a great deal of things occurs internally. The Healthy Life Mat deals with a lot of health problems simply by stepping on it for almost 20 minutes every day

Within 10 minutes of utilizing the mat, blood flow is enhanced and you will feel unwinded and active throughout the day.

In 15 days, your high blood pressure will be typical and steady, you will have more powerful legs, much better defecation; energetic, and much better sleep.

And in under 30 days, you’ll have a much better heart and lung function, all your body condition will be revitalized.

With day-to-day use, the Healthy Life Mat can help medication to treat the majority of tough illness, like: Stroke, High Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Obesity, Liver Problem, Diabetes, Headache, Insomnia, Piles, Sexual Weakness, Kidney Problem, Fibroid, Eye Problems, etc

How to Get the Healthy Life Mat?

Here is the site where you can get the mat:  hasedorganics e-store. 

Now you understand that your feet is a life saver if rubbed properly with a great and efficient foot reflexology mat.

However, it is not to be used by pregnant females as it might trigger miscarriage. And it ought not to be used throughout menstruation as it might trigger heavy circulation. If you have a cut and you’re bleeding, please do not utilize the mat.

One small pointer I wish to entrust to you is; whenever you are in your home, do not use any slippers or shoes. Stroll mostly on your feet, it is healthy. Share with good friends if you discover today’s health post beneficial.