This post is straight to the point and will show you 2 natural high blood pressure medication that will effectively restore your healthy blood pressure in 2018. With a lot of high blood pressure supplements claiming to make all your problems go away, it has become increasingly confusing as to what to use.

“Statistics have shown that 150,000 Nigerians die annually from heart-related diseases and alarmingly, the number is predicted to increase to 23 million by the year 2030, if adequate measures are ignored”. Statistics retrieved from

It is sad to note that about 34% of the adult population in Africa that has not reached the age of 50 live with ‎High Blood Pressure, especially cardiovascular heart disease. This number is expected to increase due to the lackadaisical attitude of Africans towards maintaining healthy lifestyles, lack of exercise, and diet, among other things.

Among others, the cause of the high heart-related diseases seen among Africans includes the active and passive use of tobacco and alcohol.  There are more than one billion smokers in the world (statistics retrieved from According to a report given by the minister of health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, he said  Nigerians alone consume over two billion sticks of cigarettes annually, and 500,000 of those consumers are women.

It is, therefore, safe to say that the world is on the verge of a cardiovascular epidemic due to this disturbing statistic.

In Knowledge, there is safety. There are things to do to maintain a healthy heart which includes taking both preventive an d curative high blood pressure medication to restore your healthy blood pressure in 2018.

The One Important Tip To Having A Healthy Heart No One Is Talking About

Start Taking Natural High Blood Pressure Medication For a Healthy Blood Pressure

Among other things, the first thing to do is to be consistent on natural heart supplements. This always seems like the last thing you would/should do. In fact, until, its near death, you perhaps would not think that natural high blood pressure medication matter at all.

Well, they are do… I am sure you remember the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” Prevention has always been better and it will forever be better than cure.

See later part of this article for the 2 most powerful natural high blood pressure medication now available for a healthy blood pressure.



Detoxification is key to cleanse out the already clogged arteries and harmful chemicals from both direct and indirect smoke from the body. The most effective natural high blood pressure medication for detoxification of the heart and its surrounding arteries is Wu Qing tong ti suite (also known as detox pro pack)– The No. 1 High-Frequency Quantum Energy Detoxifier used by over 17,000 medical practitioners worldwide.

  1. Detox Pro Pack

All You NEED to Know About WU QING TONG TI

  • This Powerful Herbal Formula Enters Into Your Cells In 10 Minutes.
  • Excretes Toxic Scales In Various Colors From your FIVE Primary Organ Systems in 16 to 24 hours.
  • The best part is that it continues a thorough cleansing of your entire organ systems for 10-90 days!

For thousands of years, people have been searching for secrets to live longer and healthier. This is one true fact for sure, as I’m sure that’s why you are reading this post in the first place.

The facts show that cleansing accumulated toxins out of your body is the prerequisite of long and healthy life.

Therefore, “Cleansing” should serves as a vital factor and the first stage in your healthcare culture.

Your body is a sophisticated system and a highly-intelligent organism with a myriad of functions. The aging of your body results from aging and damaged cells. Your body cells are damaged mainly by accumulated toxins in your bodies.

In simple terms, most diseases stem from accumulated toxins or harmful chemicals secreted into your body from the huge amount of waste after the metabolism process of proteins,fats, sugar and other basic substances.

Health Benefits of Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite(detox pro):

1. Cleansing  with detox pro, gives your body the opportunity to recuperate and basically start afresh.

According to the Internal Classic of Huang Di, cleansing must be done before nourishing.

This means your body should first be emptied of its accumulated toxins before absorbing fresh nutritious materials or tonics.

Only by doing this can channels for absorbing nutrition within our bodies work smoothly for the tonics be absorbed. Otherwise, more intake would mean more burden on the internal organs.

Now, lets imagine your body as a cup that’s full of sand, how much water can we really add to it? Ehmm, not much, if at all, right? Now, if we emptied out that cup, it will be much easier to fill. Exactly. Nutritious materials and tonics are better absorbed when our bodies are in an “empty” state.

If your body is full of toxins like the cup of sand, adding additional nourishment will be in vein.

2. Your Body Will Return Into a Powerful Self-Healing Machine

Cleansing with detox pro, will dramatically improve your body’s absorption of nutrition and medicine, enhances the body’s self-healing abilities, helps prevent major diseases, prolongs life span and fights against ageing.

3.The Only Detox That Safely and Rapidly Skins Toxins Off Five Organs

Focuses on the Chinese Five Basic Element Theory for “whole body” health by removing toxic scale from your kidneys, liver, lung, heart, spleen at once … with far fewer side effects than other detoxes.

*100 Times More Effective Than Other Detoxes Revolutionary quantum magnetisation technology increases the efficacy of the herbal detox ingredients by more than 100 times.

*Astounding, Visual Results In 24 Hours!Within 24 hours a variety of brightly-coloured substances in the form of block or crystal toxic scale and granular toxic scale are excreted from your system. It’s like no other detox you have done – ever.

*Works On The Origin of Disordered Cells Not Just The Symptoms Quantum micro-particles which are smaller than a nanometer enter the cells directly and resonate with the vibration of disordered cells, restoring them to a healthy vibration level.

*Instant Results Even After Taking It For The First Time Quantum Energy waves vibrate at 100 million times per second, deeply penetrating your cells, peeling off even well-aged toxins. Most herbal detoxes only remove some toxins.

*Highly Measurable Results Typically, Triglyceride, Cholesterol, Blood Viscosity and Blood Uric Acid levels fall on day one. Serum Transaminase falls, and liver function and low density lipoprotein returns to normal in 7 – 15 days.

9 Reasons why you should Detox with WQTTSS

1.Bring out toxic scales from the viscera and clean the inner body environment.

On the very day you take Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite, the viscera detoxify toxic scales with the toxic scale granules and lipid granules in the hepatic duct and bile duct, uric acid crystal in the blood and toxic scale of different colors and shapes in the viscera excreted out along with the excrement. Toxic scales and other wastes in the five internal organs and blood will be cleansed, finally improving the inner body environment.

2.Clean the viscera and improve the absorption of nutrition and medicine.

Excessive toxic scales may block the nutrition channels in the viscera, and once it is cleaned, the nutrition channels will be smooth, which will improve the absorption of nutrition and double the effect.

3. Lighten the burden of viscera and prevent the situation from deteriorating with our amazing high blood pressure medication.

Each organ can recover its health gradually with fewer burdens through timely detoxing and illness deterioration can be slowed down. The hyperlipaemia and chemical liver injury won’t be aggravated further. Transmission of dangerous diseases will be reduced.

4.Improve healthy heart pressure, body functions and self-healing abilities after detoxification

The accumulated qi and blood as well as meridians will finally get smoothed, and your body will not be bothered by toxic scales. The seal-healing capability will be gradually restored and enhanced.

5.Shorten recovery process of chronic diseases and reduce complication

Through regular detoxification, occurrence frequency of complication can be largely cut down, which is conducive to stabilizing blood sugar level of diabetes patients and keeping normal blood pressures for hypertension patients.

6.Improve immunity and prevent vital diseases.

Regular detoxification improves sleep and appetite, restores the gastrointestinal functions and vitality, recovers from constipation,relieves all kinds of pains, improves the immunity completely and changes the sub- healthy state gradually.

7. Prolong lifespan and delay aging by this powerful high blood pressure medication for a healthy blood pressure.

Without toxic scales, all the vital organs will be healthier as the organs life determines human lifespan, thus increasing health, happiness and prolonging life.

8. Prevent cells from being mutated and guard against canceration

Loaded with the high-frequency quantum energy wave that works on Myosin VI to keep Myosin VI unchangeable in its motion status, WuQing Tong Ti Suite effectively prevents and the clinical tests prove that Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite can prevent cancer of hysteromyoma, hyperplasia of mammary glands and cutaneous benign tumor which reduces the risks of cancer

9.Increase the activity of SOD and improve the functions of anti-oxidation, anti-virus and anti-radiation of the body.

Loaded with a group of antidromic quantum energy wave specially against the formation of MDA, Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite is able to interrupt the forming process of MDA and thus reduce its content among the blood. As a result it reduces the suppression on the activity of SOD; and it increases the activity of SOD, enhancing the effect of anti-oxidation, anti- virus and anti-radiation.




WU Qing Tong Ti Suite
is back on the market, has now changed the label, same product  to a new name, same formula:
Herbal Supplement Liquid

Health products with millions of beneficiaries THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL FIRST HERBAL QUANTUM PREPARATION THAT CAN REALIZE THOROUGH DETOXIFICATION OF FIVE INTERNAL ORGANS This is the perfect combining between Western Hi-Tech Quantum and Five thousand years of Oriental Healthcare Wisdom (formerly called WU QING TONG TI SUITE) new name: Herbal Series



Herbal Supplement Liquid is like the other detox herbals you buy that does little or nothing for you. This is not a cheap remedy, it used by over 17,000 respected medical practitioners WORLDWIDE! That’s how powerful it gets.


 2. MEBO GI Capsules

We can come to accept that the two most important organs in our bodies are, the lungs and the gastrointestinal system.  MEBO GI CAPSULES  have been specially formulated to protect these organs and repair them when damaged and over time, even replace their cells altogether.

The gastrointestinal system is such a powerful organ, it controls the state of every other organ in the body. Therefore, a healthy gastrointestinal system equals a healthy body with healthy organs(heart) and an aging gastrointestinal system equals aging and failing organs(heart) + a dying body.

AN AGING GASTRO-INTESTINAL IS SUICIDE! You can still salvage what is left.

The gastrointestinal (GI) health is highly significant to the health of all our other body organs like the heart, the eyes, the aging of the skin, the pancreas and all others.

 With MEBO regenerative substance intake , we can actually live out the full human life expectancy of 300years! instead of the shortened actual human span of fewer than 100 years mostly due to rapid aging and diseases.

New Actual Life Expectancy According to Most Recent Human Experiment shows that humans can live as long as they want up to 300 years.

Experimental Evidence showing how MEBO science application actually elongates the human life-span to reach the actual life expectancy of 300years.

GI aging causes endocrine dysfunction.

The GI is the largest endocrine order, therefore, letting it age, would result in endocrine dysfunction. The GI mucosa affects every organ of the body, including the brain and heart. Endocrine disorders cause other diseases like Iatrogenic hypertension, Iatrogenic Hyperglycemia,  diabetes , high blood pressure, Refractoriness.

GI and Iatrogenic Hypertension

Hypertension in many middle-aged people has been found not to be cardio-vascular, instead, the cell aging of the GI mucosa reduces inhibins both in the GI and the brain. Mostly, after the  MEBO regenerative restoration of the GI mucosa, a healthy blood pressure is restored.

 ORGANIC IS ALWAYS BETTER. How else can you guarantee your heart health? Maintain a healthy blood pressure with these 2 powerful and natural high blood medication. Start your journey to a better heart health today.